Al Akhawayn University Students

Al Akhawayn students

I worked with four classes at Al Akhawayn University: three composition classes and one world literature class.  The composition classes were just wrapping up a reflective essay on one of four topics: Home, Poverty, Vanity, or Prejudice.  They were invited to adapt this writing into a digital story or start a new piece.  The literature students all started from scratch.  Thirty out of fifty-seven students were willing to share their work in this forum.  Four of these students were not Moroccan, but their stories touch on their experience in Morocco (or, in one case, Libya). I’ve grouped their stories roughly into the following categories:

Home and family

Manal Bakkali, untitled
Kenza Benchehla, A Miracle
Mohamed El Ammari, The Dark Day
Hala El Bouziri, North Star
Houda El Ouali, An overwhelming journey
Oumaïma Fassi Fihri, Nostalgic Haze
Kawtar Ghafel, A first decision-making
Nassim Hajouji, A father’s love

Transition to university

Anonymous, Cold boxes
Wafaa Arich, Sensation
Sara Lamsili, Wind of Change
Zainab Ouakssim, untitled

Personal Relationships

Malak Aladlouni, My best friend
Anonymous, My struggle for life
Anonymous, Reflections
Ismail Asry, An old memory
Ayla Parham, Adventure/Ambition

Social Issues

Soukheina Mina Djogue, Being Black
Mohamed Amine El Karouch, My life story
Soukaina Fadli, wanted, worthy, pretty
Mohamed el Mehdi Hajji, What goes around comes around
Melissa Lee Litowitz, A thousand paper cuts
Naoufal Souhail, Life struggles
Omar Tambakti, untitled (Libyan revolution)

Art, sport, spirit

Maria Ala, There is always more to see
Nabil Benhadda, Never stop believing
Brahim El Yamani, A change in the spirit
Achraf Mamdouh, A whole year without sport
Mohamed Amine Najid, Beyond words