Artisans of the Fez medina

Artist Jess Stephens is spearheading a project called Exposé Artisanal, designed to celebrate the artisans of the Fez medina.  We teamed up to hold a day of interviews and storytelling at the ALIF riad in Fez on Friday, 21 March 2014.  With some help, notably from Ibtihal Biad, I’m editing and subtitling the footage of that day.

In the short term, here’s a trailer of the interview day, beautifully produced by Med Anass el Issmaeli.

And here’s a link to the Exposé Artisanal project.

Prizewinning documentary filmmaker and generous friend Charles Dye spent a day filming the artisans in their studios and donated his footage to the cause.

Abdelkader Selami, Dyer: “Family–not like family–family!

Abbes Marrakshi, Woodcarver, “Three generations in this craft

Azedine Filali, Knife-sharpener, “Just a stone from the mountains

Driss Filali, Knife-sharpener, “74 years old, and I live just fine!

Azedine and Nouredine Filali, “Knife-sharpeners’ code language

El Hajj, Blgha maker, “Knowledge is better

Si Mohamed, Amazigh finery, “We need many hands in the craft

Mohamed Féris, “We thank God for what we have

Mohamed Féris, coppersmith, “Craftsmen are the core of the country

Zin Abidine Blghai, “Work is worship