Atlas movie studio

… is a great place for small children–at least it was for our small boy.  What’s not to love about a place where you can…

travel to Tibet…
P1000194 P1000145 P1000147
go back in time to ancient Rome…
visit an Egyptian street,
or imagine (in total safety) the life of a galley slave?

Jeremy decided he would come back here to star in a movie some day.
Small boy as intrepid adventurer…
perhaps becoming an Egyptian priest!

Such a bummer when your stones melt in the rain, though (see upper left corner of building).

And I wonder if the proliferation of films using Ouarzazate as a stand-in for ancient lands and far away places isn’t part of the tendency to look past this place and people on their own terms.


Oh, Mum, can’t you stop, just for today?
(OK, no more killjoy.  Ersatz pleasure, here we are!)

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