From Ait Bougomez to Ifrane

James got up early the next morning to climb to the nearer ribat while I stayed and held the fort (or held Jeremy, to be more precise).  In fact, he discovered that we were locked in overnight, so he had to wait until Brahim arrived before he could leave to go on his little trek.
P1020958 P1030121
It was still early enough that the valley was misty, softening the views from the ruined ribat.
P1030138 P1030137Knowing my love of storks, he shot this lovely sequence for me:P1030123 P1030125P1030127
And then it was time to get back on the road for the long drive home.

We passed a group of people building a pisé addition to a house:

And the signs of spring were everywhere, fields of wildflowers on all sides.