Tamnougalt overnight

We enjoyed many things about Chez Yacob–talking to Yacob, wandering the palmerie, eating the yummy supper–but probably the best part of the evening was the nightly jam session the men held after dinner.  The music was enjoyable, but even better than the music was the enjoyment of the musicians.  Yacob tried to get Jeremy to play, but an attack of unexpected shyness interfered.  Here’s just one clip of many:

Jam session Chez Yacob

The next morning, Jeremy and I went out to wander the palmerie some more.  Jeremy made friends with a couple of local dogs.
IMG_1963 IMG_1973
We watched the sun come up through the palms.
We mused together over the magical weave of the palm bark…

and the pattern of the spider’s web in the spaces of the wall:
We watched the water run through channels that lay quiet and almost dry the previous afternoon…
IMG_1982 IMG_1981
…and we watched the women working in the early morning fields.
Then, after breakfast and a bout of storytelling (see Moroccan storytelling, Chez Yacob), IMG_1995
we took to the road again, picking up an elderly hitchhiker along the way.
On the road to another ancient kasbah-cum-movie-set: Ait Benhaddou.